Soho Team

Rachael Carter

Managing Director

As a youngster, Rachael set out to work for her father in his wine supplies business. In 2002 Rachael started a screwcap company, her clever marketing “BEST SCREW ON THE PLANET” & hard work lead to a 98% market share & in 2008 she sold the screwcap business. In 2009 she created SOHO WINES to take on her father's growing vineyard portfolio. Her quest was to create a unique premium wine brand that embodied a passion for life, culture & all things fabulous. Her target market was herself (realising how much she actually drank this was a recipe for success!). Rach is known as the bionic woman (her spine & neck are full of Titanium), perhaps that explains her impressive ability to “no hands shot” a wine glass. Just as impressive is her Portfolio of wine, SOHO is regarded as one of NZ’s most awarded boutique wine companies.

+64 21 667 712

Rachael Carter

Kathryn Cumberland

Head Office & Retail Sales Manager

Kathryn entered the wine industry with SOHO in 2012 as our Retail Sales Manager. She is now thrilled to return to the SOHO Sales Force after spending 6 years honing her skills in real estate and interior design. Kathryn is a dedicated MUM, friend and creative, spending much of her time renovating her family home. She is a power tool master and certainly doesn't shy away from hard work! This London girl is capable, has a keen eye for the details and we are SOHO happy to have her back!

+64 27 438 1787
MY SOHO VICE: JC Soho Reserve

Kathryn Cumberland


National Sales Manager

Hugo McCallum, born and raised in Aotearoa, his passion for the wine industry started 14 years ago at Tohu Wines, a brand close to his Maori heritage. A love for people and conversation means you probably already know him but we are SOHO excited to welcome him onboard. Outside of work Hugo enjoys fishing, keeping up with his fitness but his happy place is cheering loudly on the side lines for his two beautiful daughters sports games every weekend. This passionate Virgo will be coming at you with a twinkle in his eye and a dimple in his cheek! Syrah is his go to wine and you’ll always find a Waiheke Valentina Syrah in his capable hand.

+64 21 289 7646

Hugo McCallum


Retail & On Premise Manager

Mat Rew, a man of many talents! Beer and wine specialist, great dad, lead singer of City Newton Bombers, more of a Rabbitoh than Russell Crowe, a keen cricketer and former tailor to the stars!
His vivacious & infectious personality have earned him much respect not only by his peers, but also the entire liquor industry. He is uber passionate about most things in life especially wine & delivering great service to the many bars and restaurants he frequents. When not hustling wine, Mat loves a great tune and cranking up the Barbie... BBKing has come to town!

+64 21 1621 886

Mat Rew

Elinor Mudu

Office Manager

SOHO's Office Manager since 2011. Elinor has been in Customer Service for more years than she would like to admit. A Mother of 2 little ones & of 8 big ones (being us!). She is our SOHO backbone and to list what she does for SOHO & the team is actually endless. The nicest person you could meet BUT if you don’t pay your bill you will receive the wrath of this fiery Scot! When not at SOHO, she enjoys faffing with a glass of Chardonnay in hand while cooking up a storm for her Italian family & friends.

+64 22 633 6171

Elinor Mudu

Shenée McLean

Production Manager

Shenée (Shen, aka the “little one”). Starting as a 20 year old intern this SOHOt has been on the scene since 2015. She may be small, but she takes on the mighty role of getting the wine into bottle, production & packaging is her thing! If you need SOHO, she’s your girl. One of our top dealers, she’ll invoice your wine faster than you can say “that can’t be my last bottle?!” When she’s not in the SOHO office with her work “moms”, you’ll find her with a chard in hand groovin' to Elton & Fleetwood Mac... our little ones’ got an old soul.

+64 21 397 646

Shenee McLean

Joanna Cumberland

Marketing Manager

Jo the enigma! Our marketing manager, but that is a bit of a misnomer. She refuses to have a social media presence and immensely dislikes being photographed. She loves giving away SOHO money to worthy causes and is the force behind our Pink Sheep Collection determined to get us that Rainbow tick! With her invaluable legal and corporate background and her willingness to take on those niggly tasks, we know we have a fabulous, strong and fair advocate on our side.

+64 27 536 4346

Jo Cumberland

Carolina Vujcich

Logistics Manager

A former banker, numbers are her thing. Since 2012 she has reigned as our Queen of dispatch! Maintaining & managing the warehouse and our distribution functions. Any problems, discrepancies or lost orders, Carolina is our CSI forensic expert. She makes sure that our beloved ‘nectar’ always reaches you in NZ or around the globe, interestingly enough she doesn’t drink a drop!

+64 21 063 1482

Carolina Vujcich

Stewert Bourne

Support Guy

The hustler you want pouring your glass of wine, he’s got the process down to a fine art! Taster extraordinaire and all round good guy. Before we met him, he hosted on our favourite international carrier, Air NZ for 20 years. Stewie joined us in 2020 as our support, merchandiser & delivery guy and now dispatch. He will drop wine to you quicker than the boss can down a chard.

+64 21 718 019

Stewert Bourne